[New Game] Alchemie crafting game (unnamed)

Recently I've started working on a new game which is yet to be named. It is going to be an alchemie/crafting game.


The setting:

The story is built around a guy who just got his alchemist license and tries to work his way up in the alchemist guild.

The core mechanics:

  • Quicktravel to a location and harvest resources there
  • Use the resources to produce items back in your workshop
  • Sell items for gold to cover your living expenses and buy items at the townshop

Planned features:

  • Customizeable character
  • Quests
  • Magic system
  • Hostile creatures
  • Multiple locations
  • Upgradeable and customizeable workshop
  • Many incredents and recepies

Preview video of the harvesting system

The harvesting system is partially working.

The incredent harvested is currently only a dummy but it is built extentiable. Any new incredent can be immediately set up. The source gets depleted and the harvested incredent gets added to the player inventory correctly.


A check if it is possible to harvest from a particular source is not implemented yet. It is planed that you need a certain tool to harvest from certain sources. Like an axe to harvest wood from a tree.


Known bug: The character flaps his arms when he finished harvesting. I don't really understand why he does this or how to prevent it. Unitys mechanim animator has caused me quite some trouble in the past but I hopefully figure it out.

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